About Me

Hi.... I'm Pauline!

People, their expressions, colour, light, shadow...... fascinating how they affect one another....and I love to capture all these elements in a painting.And a subject's uniqueness of course.

I paint every day...I don't want to go to my grave with my paintings still inside me.

Please contact me via the email link regarding workshop details... I tutor drawing and painting, and I love to show people what I do, and help and encourage others with their art.

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What others say about Pauline Adair and her paintings.

ArtistOz ~ Wetcanvas.com:
" Pauline Adair I know personally and think she is one of our best figure artists in Australia. She is mostly self-taught and has sound visual intelligence. She is also a consistent and hard worker in her art making and just the sweetest lady.

In drawing she uses a direct or freehand method, meaning she does not use any construction or any intermediary system. She has trained her hand and eye to follow the contours of the subject and maintain their structural relationships. She measures by eye alone. Her preferred working method is line and shape which becomes contour so line and contour. She will put down her shape/contour line first and then come back with shadow shapes. She marks off light from shadow its a clear demarcation between what is light and what is shadow. She does not overwork her tones. Pauline has spent years doing 20 sec poses from life; her hand knows where to go. Her method looks free and easy and is accomplished by years of intelligent practice. She is versatile and will use and explore many different mediums. She is good because she has this visual sensitivity with her mediums."

Michael (student) Canberra SAE 2014 ~
"I don't want this glorious week to end, but I am coming to terms with it, just.
"My 'Summer Art Experience' has been an unforgettable one, richly rewarding, highly educational and so deeply enjoyable.
"I have learned so much.
"Thank you for sharing your secrets and for giving so much encouragement. I feel like I have been freed up to really give my art a chance to grow.
"This has been the first time my drawing has consistently achieved reasonably accurate proportions. I am so happy about that. Now to build on the many new techniques you have introduced to me. The quest continues!
"It has been so lovely to meet you, Pauline. Your positive outlook and unfailing encouragement have been the keys to an extraordinary week. Thanks! Best Regards...

"I've just been to yet another workshop with Pauline Adair. It's my third. I don't know if you are familiar with her work? There are many Google links to this Sunshine Coast artist.
She does portraits, life drawing and figures mostly.

"As a teacher Pauline is superb. She's very mindful of her students, supportive and best of all innovative. She shares her knowledge freely, and encourages students to take a chance and move out of their comfort zone. She teaches in a varity of media, I would highly recommend her for a workshop." ~ Student - Samford Art Group, Qld.

"Pauline Adair is totally at home with the nude. Her studio is full of sketches and paintings - finished and unfinished - of the human body. She has been commissioned to paint friends and members of our family. Pauline not only makes them feel totally at ease when posing, but the way she portrays them makes them feel quite comfortable and never embarrassed when others look at the finished work. Pauline's nudes are more evocative than provocative. Each figure appears alone and content with her own company. The observer is drawn into the painting, peering into a private moment captured by the artist. The viewer is captivated. A purchase is inevitable! To own a Pauline Adair is to have in your possession a very personal treasure. Created by an artist who passionately believes in putting so much of herself into her intimate portrayal of the engaging human form." -Ken Hickson, communications consultant, university lecturer, author, convener of art exhibitions and friend.

" The human form is a difficult subject for artists to paint. The artworks convey Pauline's love of this subject matter. The delicate touch of another female shows through in her selection of appealing poses and tasteful handling of the paintings. The artworks are rendered with a pleasing softness in colour and tone. The focal point of the figures is worked in a softness that matches the ambience of the models' poses. There is a minimal approach outside the figure with few props to distract." - Brian Allison, well-known Australian artist.

"To let oneself be totally immersed in viewing the exhibition, for a time, had the effect of transporting my physical being to another realm. In viewing the art created by Pauline, one can fully appreciate the artist's dedication to her creative expression of the beauty of the human form." - Allison Henderson, artist.

"Pauline's rare talent for capturing true line breathed life into each beautifully executed nude study. Delicately etched in charcoal or pastel or washed in watercolour, each piece will withstand the test of time and be a joy to own." - Pamela Mitchell, artist.

"Pauline Adair's ability to capture the emotion of her model draws the eye and heart of the viewer. She works deftly in a number of media and displays a high level of expertise in mixing these to create a subtle emotive lure of light and shadow. Bodies never looked better!" - Mari Murphy, fine art dealer.

Awards and Recognitions

Finalist - Lyn McCrea Memorial Drawing Prize

Finalist - Lethbridge 10,000, Brisbane

Finalist - Lethbridge 10,000, Brisbane

Mary Valley Art Festival: Highly Commended + 'People's Choice'

World Wide ‘Female Beauty’ Art Contest – Masters Art Academy 2nd Place

'Watercolour Figures' - article featured in Australian Palette Magazine, Issue 120
'Windows of Time' Portrait Competition - 1st Prize

Kenilworth Art Show - People's Choice
Entrant - Portia Geach Memorial Portrait Prize
Sunshine Coast 'Unsung Heroes' Portrait Award - 1st Place & Show Champion
Entrant - Archibald Prize
Entrant - Doug Moran National Portrait Prize

Entrant - Archibald Prize
Entrant - Shirley Hannan Portrait Award
Group Exhibition - 'Bare', Carrington Gallery, Noosa
'Art of the Bosy' Exhibition - Highly Commended
Entrant - Doug Moran National Portrait Prize
Entrant - Kilgour Figureative Art Prize
Entrant - Portia Geach Memorial Portrait Prize

Kenilworth Art Show - 1st Prize 'The Human Form'
Entrant - Portia Geach Memorial Portrait Prize
Entrant - National Cricket Art Prize

'Africa - Face to Face' Portrait Exhibition - Noosa Regional Gallery
Winner Art4Life Prize - Viewers Choice
Kenilworth Art Show: Commended 'Human Form'
Cooloola Art Awards: Commended Open Section

Entrant: Archibald Prize
Entrant: Portia Geach Memorial Portrait Prize

Caloundra City Art Festival: Oil Award, Highly Commended Pastel
Kenilworth Art Show: 1st Prize 'The Human Figure'
Gympie Gold Rush: Pastel Award
Entrant: Portia Geach Memorial Portrait Prize

Cooloola Arts Society: First Prize Portraiture, Highly Commended Open (Figure), Commended Pastel (Nude)
Caloundra Arts Fest: Pastel Award (Nude)
Gympie Gold Rush: 1st Prize Portrait, Highly Commended Open, Commended Pastel

Maleny Art Awards: Highly Commended Oils/Acrylic (Nude)
Maleny Art Awards: Highly Commended & Commended Oils/Acrylic (Nude)
Maleny Art Awards: Highly Commended Pastel (Nude)
Caloundra Art Awards: Highly Commended Drawing (Nude)
Pine Rivers Art Awards: Peoples Choice (Nude)
Maleny Art Awards: 1st Prize Pastel (Nude)
Maleny Art Awards: 3rd Prize Oils/Acrylic (Nude)
Maroochy Arts Festival: 2nd Prize Pastel (Nude)
Kenilworth Art Show: Honourable Mention Oils (Interior with Figure)
MacGregor Lions Art Show: 2nd Prize (Portrait)
MacGregor Lions Art Show: Highly Commended Watercolour (Nude), 2nd Prize Portrait (Oil)
Coffs Harbour City Exhibition: 1st Prize Figures & Faces (Oil)
Redlands Show: 3rd Prize Oils/Acrylic (Figure)
Moreton Bay College Festival: Commended Oils (Interior with Figure)
Currumbin Festival of Arts: Highly Commended Watercolour (Interior with Figure)
Maroochy Art Festival: Highly Commended Open Class (Figure)
Brookfield Art Competition: Winner Oxlades Pastel Award (Portrait), 3rd prize Painting Any Media (Figure, Oil), 3rd Prize, Watercolour (Figure)
Redlands Show: 1st Prize Figurative (Figure, Oil), 1st Prize Works on Paper (Portrait, Pastel)
Queensland RNA Show: Commended Open Class (Figure,Oil), Commended Watercolour (Nude)
Redcliffe Art Contest: Commended Watercolour (Interior)
Maroochydore Arts Festival: Highly Commended Watercolour (Figure)
Brookfield Art Competition: Highly Commended Watercolour (Nude)
Redlands Show: 2nd Prize Watercolour (Portrait), 3rd Prize Oil (Landscape)